Cna I reverse opening a screen by start value?

I can obviously open a screen by start value but can I reverse it? i.e. do something to go back to the previous screen as it is?

For this, you can apply it when that screen is initialized (the screen you are going back to)

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You can use close screen and close screen with start value` blocks available in Control section.
But make sure that you are not using correct method of switching screens.

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Apply what?

What do you mean by correct method?

I can only find close screen with value - result... Where is start?

The method
e.g. You press button "A" to go to screen "A", so you can code it like: When button "A" is pressed open another screen "Screen A" with value result "Screen A" & on Screen A u can code with if then :
if Get start value = Screen A then set the vertical arrangement .visible to true

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So, its the same method but you need to use it according to your need

@Neelam_Singhal Thanks

okay, i find you to be confused
Screen_Switch.aia (3.1 KB)
See this one

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