Cloudinary: An extension to upload files to Cloudinary

Did you check aia given in first post?

Yh but don't want it that way. I want to store the url of the image i iwill upload in the cloudinary in tinydb

Ok, you have seen aia.
But somehow missed this block.

i'm trying to apply it in kodular


I keep getting an error, saying the file I am trying to upload doesn't exist. I am uploading the current picture for an image component, so Image.Picture. I tried it with the companion and downloaded as an apk on my phone but get the same error both times. Any ideas why that is happening?

Please provide a Do it result for Image Picture
Generally try an absolute, full or relative path...


I tried with and w/o file:/// prefix.

ok, my bad. I was cutting off a couple of chars at the end. Works now. thanks.

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please share the block

Blocks for what?

i use this but not see the image in cloudinary..maybe i get wrong block? thanks

How to extract the image URL from the responce and what does this Upload options means i want to upload a image taken by the carmera

What's output of Image1.Picture block?

GotResponse event provides response as Dictionary. I am sure you know how to use dictionary block.
You could have checked aia file and found something useful.

You can check docs in the very first post.

Pm me apk/link.

To find out what is going on usr logcat


problem solved.

Please let us know how you solved it to help others with the same problem in future


i enter wrong CloudName and changed in upload option now work, but overwrite not working.