CloudDBError: failed to connect to cloud

CloudDBError: ocketTimeoutException: failed to connect to cloud 64:ff9b::1216:e40a (port 6381) from /2402:8100:2 065:1ba2::a9fc:a54 (port 34144) after 20000ms

Please Solve Out It
It came out on execution of my chatting app

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CloudDB appears to be working OK for the MIT server.

Check/Show your settings and what happens when you start your app

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Welcome Abhay. This error could be due to a slow WIFI or data connection or a very busy CloudDB server.

It is not a fatal error.

You could place this block without anything in it to **
** suppress the error message. It might work.

As Tim indicated the CloudDB is working ok at the present.

Use this Block

to determine if there is a connection. If true, continue with processing; if not true, there is no connection.

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Can you share the blocks Please

I don't have any Blocks, you have to make your own depending on what you want to do. What you might be able to do to ameliorate the connection issue is:

  • eliminate the Screen1.Initialize code. Starting the app like this might be your issue. I use a Button.
  • some stuff that might help you manage connection issues ...

for you to experiment with. Will the code snippets fix your issue? Not necessarily. The snippets may help you manage an issue caused by slow connections to the CloudDB or a very busy server or a server outage.

  • you may have other issues. I did not debug your existing code to determine suitability for a chat app.

You might want to read Programming Your App to Make Decisions

I see a space after the word 'cloud' in your error message.

Did a space sneak into the CloudDB component's URL Attribute?