CloudDBError: Chain validation failed

Hi App Inventor,

I am using the storage component CloudDB in my app for the last one week. It had been worked very nice till yesterday.

But today, i am getting an error:
CloudDBError: Chain validation failed

How can i rectify this error?
Please tell me the remedy to overcome this error.
Otherwise my app may stop working.

Awaiting reply

Hema Srinivas

I’m having the same error, have you solved it?
If yes, how have you rectified it?

Hello Everyone
Unfortunately I have the same problem. It was working properly at 02:45 am last night, but according to error message my certificate expired after15 minutes.I have observed this today morning.
Any comment will be appreciated. not validate certificate:certificate expired at sun may 10 02:59:59 GMT GMT+03:00 2020 (compared to sun may 10 14:38:56 GMT +03:00 2020)

Thank You…
Kemal B.

The MIT CloudDB server is currently offline for users using the default. The default server frequently glitches over weekends and periods of high use.

If you want/ require reliability, please use your own Redis server. The default server is for testing.

MIT has been informed. Perhaps service will return soon. This being Mother’s Day in USA, restoration of service might take a while.


HOWTO: Setup a Local Redis Server for CloudDB

Re: How do I host my website to ’ redis ’ to use CloudDB on AI2?

…and use a FirebaseDB instead of a CloudDB. The FirebaseDB runs on Google’s servers. It uses Blocks with similar functions.


CloudDB should be back. Sorry about that. It’s SSL certificate expired. I have put a new one in place and set a reminder for next year for me to replace it before it expires!


Thank you very much Jeff for your quick response.

Hema Srinivas

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