CloudDb server very slow

CloudDb server very slow.

Has it just started being slow, or recently, or a long time ?

How much data are you storing/calling ?

80 tags with 4 small pieces of information each. It has always worked well, but the last few days it has been very slow.

Is this data being heavily used, by many users?

No, just for me.

I have not noticed anything, and no one else has reported this, but let us ask Jeff to check, just in case...

ok, thanks!

The CloudDB is under heavy load. It appears to be from one application, widely distributed, that is pounding on the server. I'm debating blocking it, but it appears to be some form of voting application, and I don't want to mess up a vote somewhere!

That said, the way it is coded, I can tell that it is loosing votes!

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