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the errors displayed by the cloudDB make my application difficult to use. I would like to know how to prevent their display

What you do to correct the issue depends on the error message. Follow Richael's advice. You can trap the errors using this block

cloudDBerror . Some CloudDb errors can be ignored. How? Place the block on your Block screen without anything in the do puzzle piece. Doing this will ignore and inhibit errors that are possible to ignore but not help with critical errors.

Read about how others handled errors and you might find a specific 'solution'.

Indeed the code has no error but when I test my app, if my network is failing, then they send me so many error messages that I cannot use part of my screen for one moment. these messages are for example "CloudDB disconncted" or "CloudDB error" ...

Some internet issues?

Another error is, when the screen shut down due to inactivity an error will be raised.

Used that but didnt work

  • keep active and that will not happen. :slight_smile:
  • use a StayAwake routine or an extension to keep the screen active

It is impossible to provide a specific remedy based on what you see but we in the community do not see. You do not say whether you are using the MIT default CloudDB server or your own Redis server or a hosting service. The MIT server gets busy on weekends and often glitches with heavy use; the problem might disappear with your own Redis server.

I have several CloudDB apps using the default server. None of them have errors that cannot be trapped by the suggested Block. Alaqmar's suggestion seems to be the likely problem.

Before you provide a data request or post, you can the CloudConnected Block to test it you have an Internet connection.

CloudConnectedetc . You might be able to trap the error that still persists using the screen.ErrorOccurred.

You can use the FirebaseDB instead of the CloudDB. You might not get the same errors but then again you might replicate them. If your internet provider is having issues, you might be doomed using a cloud based storage system.

I have recently been having the same problem so, I would like to know the answer to this.

That is the situation for me and it worked! Thanks1

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