CloudDB not working, giving errors

Whenever I try to use CloudDB, it won't save or get any data. It will give me the errors Socket is closed and SSL handshake timed out. I am using all the default settings for my CloudDB component.

Here is my code:

CloudDB works in neither the companion nor an actual apk. It's only ever worked once, but after that went back to not working.

What does your network configuration look like? Your app, whether in testing or in compiled mode, will need to be able to reach out to the CloudDB server on port 6381. If that port is being blocked by a local network configuration, then CloudDB won't work.

I don't know what a network configuration is.

Try this one: cloudDB_test.aia (2.1 KB)

For starters, are you trying this on your home network, or are you in a school or corporate environment?


In that case, it is more likely than not that the school is blocking outgoing connections to on TCP port 6381. You will need to speak to whoever manages the IT infrastructure about removing this restriction.

Thank you, that turned out to be what it was. The project I was using CloudDB for at school is over now, but luckily actually making the app was optional so I didn't lose points. I figured out it works fine at my house.

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