Clouddb java code

Hi if i want to set a clouddb value what code I need

What do you mean by Java code?

Have you read the documentation CloudDB ?

You probably should use StoreValue(tag,valueToStore) which asks CloudDB to store the given value under the given tag.

Share your Block code and someone could provide specific advice using Blocks. You do not use Java.

sorry i am asking for a java code

What java code?

Where will you use this in AppInventor ?

no if its possible i want to create a web registration and connect with the cloud, and register thsi way

can u write how can i write this to the smg to a cloud fr:label=gergo value=hi

can i get a code????
something please


no i want a java or something else. I want this block use this bloc to my webside

Then you do not need AppInventor, try on javascript / html / css / php / mysql communities