Clouddb error on MIT AI CTCT curriculum sketch and guess

While using the MIT App Inventor "CTCT curriculum" Sketch and Guess program a student is receiving the following message as seen in the uploaded/attached pictures. What might be causing the issue. I have included a sample file, although not the actual student file:

SketchandGuess_complete.aia (12.7 KB)

According to IBM, the I/O Exception "Connection reset by peer" could be caused by a firewall disrupting the connection (in this case, that of the CloudDb).

Your test program ran without a hitch, for me. Just for additional verification, try to run it over a personal network. If it does work, then the school firewall (I'm assuming this is a school?) might have something to do with the problem.

Of course, my assumption could also be wrong.

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Here is the student project with the DB error.
AlexanderDoneSG.aia (9.4 KB)
Haven't been able to spot the difference between the solution and the student's version

What solution ?

sorry, in the original thread, I included a sample file(aka the solution file). Sorry for the confusion