CloudDB component doesn't work (for me but works for others)

In general I wanted to know if the cloud extension actually works. If it is still in operation and that if I can connect my apps to the cloud.
I created two apps from tutorials. The Chat app and BookClub. I have installed on two mobile phones. The start screen on both phones is ok, it responds but when cloud is called then it doesnt behave as expected.

Regarding the chat app, when I write messages they do not appear. After some days when I opened the phones again, I just saw 2 messages from the 5 I have send. Then when I sent again, nothing happens.
Regarding the bookClub app, I write reviews about a book but they do not appear at the read reviews. When I press read reviews then a blank page opens. But on the main screen sometimes a list appears below the buttons of the main screen and shows some of the reviews.



What extension are you referring to?

The CloudDB..
Do you recommend any other way to have a database for a chat app? Maybe firebase?

CloudDB is not an extension...but a component. And yes, it works.

Have you tried starting with this guide?
CloudDB Chat App (

Sorry about that.. CloudDB component..
Yes I have created an app via this guide CloudDB Chat App (

Also created the BookClub app from the guide but none of it worked as expected. I wanted to ask if the component was active before I give up my efforts because none of the apps worked!

If you want, you can share your relevant blocks and explain in detail the problem you have encountered. Are you using the default MIT server or one of your own?

cloudDB is working OK here.

  • the Chat app you mentioned works fine for me on the default MIT CloudDB server.
  • BookClub app? Where did you find that?

Possible reasons YOUR apps using the CloudDB component fail to work as you expect:

  • you have coding errors but we can't tell if you followed the tutorials perfectly.

  • you use the default CloudDB server which normally works great but sometimes, usually weekends might get overloaded with users or power failures until it is reset. The server is at MIT and does not have 24/7 monitoring.

  • using your own Redis server might be more reliable or using FirebaseDB (which runs on Google's servers) as a real time database.

  • You must have a WIFI or data connection active to use these databases. Using Data is not as reliable a connection as wifi . If you use Data, that could be part of your issue.

  • other issues.

Share more information and someone might be able to provide specific advice.

what do you expect to happen?

It's also important to note that the CloudDB service is using TCP port 6381. Your network administrator may be blocking this port, in which case you'll likely get a socket timeout exception or similar error message.

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Port list:

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This is a file I have exported

chat.aia (2.9 KB)
for the chat app

DIYBookClub.aia (167.2 KB)
this for the book club