CloudDB collegamento (send gps coordinates location reports to a map using CloudDB)

Ciao Volevo sapere come era possibile collegare il mio CloudDB, a Redis cloud, ci sto provando ma senza riuscirci, potete spiegarmi come fare?


Hi I wanted to know how it was possible to connect my CloudDB to Redis cloud, I'm trying but without success, can you explain how to do it?

Thank you

E solo con Redis oppure c'è qual altro cloud?
Is it only with Redis or is there any other cloud?

If you want to use the cloudDB component, then only redis.

Others cloud storage, use the web component and their api.

Since I'm creating an app that allows you to send location reports, my question is to stop using CloudDB?
I attach everything.

I don't want to bother you, but I'm a beginner, and I'm creating this app for my fire brigade association.

What do you want to do then ?

I'll leave it alone for now

Try this example

Finding a bus is not much different than finding a fire location or the present location of a firetruck. The example uses the default CloudDB database.

Here is something similar

Social Distancing ... a CloudDB / Location Marker Tutorial


more than anything I wanted to create position sending to help people in case of danger, type of fire, illness.
That by sending the position we firefighters rushed to the scene

What you may want (but not using a CloudDb)

That can be done. What you tried doesn't work? To use a CloudDB system for a citizen to report these things each citizen will need a copy of the app and someone from the fire service will need to monitor the app continually.

I'm using Google cloud is that right?
Everything is configured, but I get this error

This is a great idea. thank you very much, you are very kind!

I tried, but I get the error "Package (uid=1001) does not match provided uid 10496

Are you using Companion 2.69 or 2.69u ?
Are you building an apk or using Companion with your cell to test>

what I tried works

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