CloudDB app non-functional

I have followed the tutorial found here. However, it did not work. Can anyone see my blocks and tell me what I am doing wrong?

What exactly did not work?

Have you debugged to find where the issue is ?

You initially need to store the tag chat to an empty list, otherwise there is no list to append data to... - correction list is created if one does not exist.

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Your Blocks are a modification of the tutorial. What happens if you reproduce the MIT tutorial Blocks exactly as posted?

You do realize you need two devices to test this? Otherwise you will only chat with yourself.


I did test on two devices. ListView shows nothing at all.

Did you use the code exactly as shown in the tutorial?

Here is what happens when I do use the tutorial code essentially un-modified.

Did you get to the above view and type your message in #1 and then press #2 ?

It is difficult to provide advice when you do not explain what you did. The following code will work unless you have issues with your DSL or school internet. How did you test? Did you create an apk and load the apk on both devices? You can run this also from Companion on one of the devices.

MITCloudDBchat.aia (3.2 KB)

Did you create an apk and load the apk on both devices?


OK Did you test with the aia I sent? ... and what happens?

Gonna test later, right now I'm busy.

I tested, and I found that my ListView's words just could not be seen.

Did you load the Project aia? Do you change any of the Project's Designer settings? Are you using Companion 2.62?

Are you using Companion 2.62 ? You need the latest Companion.

Is your WIFI working? This app requires the WIFI.

At the moment, I have no idea what could be wrong. The aia does work for me and for dozens of others.

I am grasping at straws; what version of Android are you testing on?

The chat can work without a ListView. What might be happening is the ListView text may be Black and should be white. I don't have the time now, but if you like, I could re-write the app to use a Label to display. I can't do this tonight but will try to post something tomorrow for you to try if you are interested

I am talking about my own app: I compared the example to mine and realised the ListView's text was White when I was also using White as the background colour.

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