Clouddb and the headache (using Redis Hosting at / free account )

Hello everyone,

I'm making an app that manages a table (registrations, editing, deleting) using Clouddb component

Everything seems to work fine, no errors.

For some reason that I don't know, the app started to behave erratically.

Without any explanation the message began to appear:


The context I'm working with is:

a) Notebook PC with i7 / 12 Gb / 1 Tb / win 10 pro / "Another Redis desktop Manager" program

b) Moto g60s cell phone, 6Gb / 128 Gb / Android 12 / app inventor Companion / App.apk

c) Redis Hosting at / free account.

d) Connectivity via Wifi with 50 MB.

the strange thing is:

  • If I try the APP.apk on the cell phone with data, everything works fine.

  • If I try the APP.apk using wifi connection, it doesn't work, sometimes it gives the reported error message.

  • If I try the "Another Redis desktop Manager" program on the PC using cell phone data, everything works fine.

  • If I try the "Another Redis desktop Manager" program on the PC using its own Wifi connection, it does not work in any case, it gives another error message

I can't know if has a blacklist with the IP that generates Wifi connectivity or something like that.

I can't think of anything to continue testing.

I listen to all the ideas you can think of.

infinite thanks!


I will assume your wifi is on a local network?
There must be a fixed line router somewhere, that will be the IP address REDISLABS will see.

Check your firewall / DNS settings, someone else had a similar issue with the web component, and found that DNS was causing the problem

Thanks a bunch for the tip.

After do a ipconfig/flushdns , all seems to be Ok.

Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina

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