CloudDB and Tags

From what little I know, CloudDB is organized into Tags and Values ​​like TinyDB. I had a suggestion to use CloudDB with the Dictionary in the way I show in the picture. The question is: how is the Agenda tag in CloudDB composed?

Are you having a problem ?

No, only I can't understand how in a single tag Agenda could be stored 3 tags. Is Agenda e sort of table?

No, you are storing the dictionary (object) with all its key/value pairs.

Ah OK. So not only a format tag,value can be stored but also a complete dictionary. Look like a table anyway. I was using in this way and works ok but not findind anything like that in documentation I was a bit confused. TY.

By the way, it is not necessary to clear a tag before storing a value in it.

The clearing was due to the real app that updates the dictionary and saved updated. Is not correct? I dont think I can update in clouddb a specific tag part of the dictionary.

You are worried about how to update just one leg of the dictionary stored under a particular CloudDB tag?

Unfortunately, CloudDB lacks the Bucket facility available in Firebase that lets you climb out onto a particular branch of the cloud data tree and use local subtags.

To update one subkey of a dictionary stored in a CloudDB value, you would have to

  • Ask CloudDB for the current value of the dictionary
  • When the value arrives, check if it is the tag/value you wanted to update
  • If it is the right tag/value, update the dictionary value and rewrite it to CloudDB, replacing the entire dictionary value under that tag, and hoping no one else was trying to do that same thing at that very moment.

OK. I don't dare do it. I continue with my method. You probably told me in the previous answer that it was not necessary to delete the tag before overwriting it. It seems right to me so I won't do it. Thank you.

CloudDB and Tags related to users

Can someone explain to me if my tag in cloudDB (common) can be read by (different) apps of other users. How a tag is related to an app and a user. I have already verified that the same app used by different users access the same tags. But can a different app from the same user or a different user access it?

See the posts on setting up your own Redis Server at