CloudDB -Adding an image to listview elements

Hello!! I am trying to create a list of reward offers of differnt stores. Save it in a CloudDB and allow customers to see all these rewards list with images. Any idea how to use the listview with image using CloudDb

CloudDB is best suited for storing data/"binary files" generated in an app. Unless you are running your own cloudDB (redis server) and therefore have server side access, it doesn't sound practical to build/create/maintain an online database with CloudDB, you would need a separate app (or admin facility) to manage the database?

If this is not an issue, you can save images to cloudDB, each image must have a separate tag and you need to provide a full path to the image for it to upload to cloudDB correctly. When you call an image from cloudDB, a copy of the image is generated in the AppInventorBinaries folder in your ASD. You can use that link to set the image in a listview. You would then need to make another call to cloudDB to return any other data you may want to include in the listview. (You can also convert your images to base64 string, then this can be uploaded with other data. When you fetch a tag with the data and base64 string, you will need to convert back to a new file, get the link, and use this in your listview).

IMHO, much easier to store your images online with public facing urls, you can then just set the url in the listview. The url could be saved to cloudDB in a tag with the other relevant data.

i just want to have an image listview with images, maintext and details fetch from a CloudDB