Cloudb, check if the same data exists remotely

Cloudb, I have to put a number in a label1.text locally how can I check that the remote label1.text contains the same number.


getting value from cloudDB

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Thank you, you were very kind to send me the solution, which surely for those who are not a Lamer like me is understandable, I do not understand how I should use these blocks where I have to place them what should I add?
I ask you a favor, could you post me the complete .aia file for verification? Thanks in advance, of course if I don't cause you too many problems.
Meanwhile, I take the opportunity to wish happy holidays to you and everyone in the forum. including of course the moderators.

I tried to understand and created these blocks but nothing happensCLoudb

That is impossible, unless you are running the same app on both devices and you never change Label1.Text on either device.

If you are unhappy with this answer, maybe the Label should not be named Label1, but instead something more informative, like lblShoeSize.

Maybe I got the explanation wrong, I'll explain it better:

  1. I insert a code, the number (1), in a remote "textbox1.text"
  2. from local I have to check that that code has been correctly entered in the remote "texbox1.text" and therefore contains the number (1) and nothing else.

Where is this remote textbox1.text ? On another device ? On an online database somewhere ?

Your explanation is still not clear.

I apologize to all of you, because I don't have a strong memory, sometimes I don't remember having solved this problem before, looking through the various blocks I found what I needed.

I proceed to an explanation that I hope will also be useful to others:
The problem to solve was, check if the data entered in a textbox1.text was identical to that entered in the remote textbox1.text, in relation to this and that is, if the data matched or I could send other such data to that mobile phone and only to the one with that code.

  1. The iniva button records the code on the cloudb in the remote mobile phone
  2. The other phone retrieves it with the recover button and the user checks that they are the same.
    I wish it was helpful not only to me but to others as well, hoping that I was clear.
    Thanks to all of you for your patience and kindness, see you next time.


will just return the textbox1.text if tag Code is not there, which defeats the whole point of the exercise?
You should set valueIfNotThere to 0 or empty, or another value that will not be entered as a StoreValue.

Ok, thanks again for your clarifications and corrections, I will try how everything goes and if I still find problems, I will update the discussion.
Happy Holidays