Cloud Tags used by several users

My wife and I use the App I'm making with our cell phones. I installed the app on my wife's phone using the .apk file. Both phones access the same tags on the Cloud and that's fine. If, however, the app is used by a user who needs to access their own tags, should the names of the tags be changed (coupling it to a userid) or should another technique be used? Moreover if hundred of users will use the App (dreams) each with own tags, is that a problem?

Probably could become a problem if you use the default server using the CloudDB. Hundreds of users will probably cause issues with overloading the server unless you use a Redis database instead of the default server (intended for small Projects and non commercial usage).

This is up to you. Both ways could probably be coded to work. :wink: What will work best partially depends on whether each Tag represents a List; what the app does etc.

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