Cloud DB value is being stored as <null>

In my cloud DB got value block, it always gets and im not sure why.

This is part of a chat app that im making, and this is a code system, so that users can enter and create new chats

I don't understand your code.

  • Where does start value get its value?
  • All you ever store in CloudDB is blank or an empty text?
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  1. if its screen1, it can't get start value and it returns null

  2. nothing is stored on call cloud DB store value and it returns null

  3. I don't know show me your screen numbers and more information

I advice start from a simple chat app using cloud DB or a simple chat app using bluetooth, this should help you to make your own chat app

  1. This is not screen 1, it goes from screen 1 to this screen.
  2. No, i just wanted to store that because I need to save that later to check if its already taken
    If you want, I can send you the file

If you can, send the aia!