Cloud db storage limits

I am making a prototype of an app and I am only seeing if it works right now and only I will be testing it. I was wondering, just for development purposes how much storage does Clouddb hold? So you think I can store about 200-225 images around 35kb each? Sorry if this is a dumb question.


Should be OK storage wise, but you may fall foul of the CloudDB "monitoring system" if your app is heavily used.

You may be better off running your own redis server, or sourcing the images from elsewhere online...

Thank you. I’m just trying out a prototype to see if I can do it. I’ll do other storage options if I actually publish the app.

Be aware, from what I can remember, everytime you download a file from cloudDB, a new copy is created, therefore you could end up with hundreds/thousands of unwanted files in your AppinventorBinaries folder.....

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