Cloud db pros and cons

I am looking at using Cloud DB in an app. (Sharing lists, materials, projects, tasks, customers... etc) I have been emailing or texting lists from the existing app, but the receiver then has no way of manipulating the data.
Does Cloud DB essentially work as Ti nyDB? Or is there something(s) I should be aware of? also, How secure is Cloud DB, as secure as the interweb??

Comments, tips, warnings etc welcome,


CloudDB is a Redis Database control for App Inventor. It comes in two flavors; one using the default settings and which utilizes and is hosted on an MIT server; one using your own copy of a Redis database hosted on your own server. The default settings are intended for small projects and experimentation. Use your own Redis database and server or hosting server for commercial projects. Get a copy of the Redis database to use on your own server and read Tim's tutorial 🟥 HOWTO: Setup Redis Server with SSL for use with AI2

The database is a flat file database (sometimes called a nonSQL database) in which the programmer has to provide the database functions (file sorting etc.). The FirebaseDB is a control that provides access to Google's Firebase server. Firebase control provides nearly identical controls as the CloudDB.

No. The TInyDB is entirely resident on your Android device; the CloudDB requires the Internet and stores data on a remote server.

Here is what the App Inventor community knows Search results for 'clouddb ' - MIT App Inventor Community .

:cry: for you to determine. Any database is hackable, use common sense.

With the CloudDB developers provide their own DB management system. You have to provide your own tools for the 'receiver' to manipulate exchanged data that is stored in the database.

To be honest, if you are going to go to all that trouble, it may be worth just using Redis directly....
Redis Connector

I understand the basics of off site/server data storage, sharing and client based creation, sorting and manipulation of data. My trouble starts at 'set up a server'. In my IT days, that meant buy a powerful computer, get a T1 line, get an IP address, keep my fingers crossed, curse NT, reboot every week and hope that some off-the-shelf anti virus software held up to it's promises.

:flushed: a tiny bit over my head is all this new fangled computer speak... I may stick with a simpler solution. .. at least until winter when my work load decreases allowing me time to learn about new servers. (things have changed since my servitude in the IT world.)

Is Firebase DB another option for sharing data?

Thanks for all the help, gents... have patience, I will surprise....

Another option: Google Sheet.