Cloud db probolem (using LocationService extension in the background)

Reading Taifun's documentation, if it says tinyDB, it probably means only the TinyDB. The only way you can get data outside of the app in real time is using his email and MySql examples (or using another api that allows POST). You can get coordinate history while the app sleeps using the TinyDB when the app is no longer sleeping.

Suggest you learn from Taifun's example app 1. Follow the opt-in URL for the locationservice example app to get access to the app and to be able to download it to your device. Here you can test all the features.


yes it s to hard for me any more sugestion

i found big problem form me he dont use "Location cheanged block " then baybe it

how to add to google sheets use a post command with google formulas but i dont know how to get it again:(

If you want to put your data into google spreadsheets you are in luck as it is a very well documented case on our forum, thanks to @TIMAI2.

but a) i need to work with post b) i dont have more money

i saw this project and or i'm stiupid or its not re fresh autoatilicli (i cant send this here i dont have licention for that)

Try this Maslo

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Ok i gonna try

ok but if i done i wont get one value i will get all of that that not help to automatic read

it dont work

If you followed all the advice correctly, all the coordinates found by the extension are posted to the spreadsheet. The last coordinate posted (most recent post) is the current location.

What does not work? :cry:

  • did you make the Google Spreadsheet?
  • did you provide the link to the spreadsheet in the url in the Blocks?
  • is the app posting data to the spreadsheet?
  • what does work?

Can you provided the shared link to your Google Sheet here? Perhaps someone can look at your project and provide specific advice?

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google screepit dont conect with sheet

Did you open up the script editor and paste in the script shown in Tim's tutorial?
Did you save and then publish your script as a web app, with the web app executed as you (your google account, same owner as the sheet), and accessible by anyone (with 'even anonymous' if using the legacy script editor)?

If you did all these things, you should have created the required Google Sheet. Something is wrong. What does your Google Sheet look like? When you display the sheet on your Google Drive, it will look like something like:

Copy the url you see. You should be able to paste it into an new window in your browser and see your sheet. If you post that link to your spreadsheet here in the forum, I will look at it for issues and might be able to help.

Your script is not connecting because you have missed a step in creating the link or you are not using the correct url in your app Blocks. Google provides two links to the spread sheet when you create a script. The correct url needed in the app is the script link; The script url will look something like . Be aware, this is different than the link to the spreadsheet

Try to post the link to your Shared spreadsheet here . Only then someone might be able to help Maslo.

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sory for long ansver i dont know where it put

Sorry. I do not understand.

  • What do you want to put? Do you want to show the link to your spreadsheet here? Just copy the link and drag and drop it in this box.

You might want to answer using your own language if English is not your primary language . Please explain in more detail.

To learn how to build and share a Google spreadsheet that uses a script, see Tim's example HOWTO: Create a Google Apps Script Web App bound to a Spreadsheet . Make the Project in that example to learn how to use the spreadsheet part of the real app you want to build. Then use the advice to build Trak_It.

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i dont know where put link do sheet

? excusme .

If you followed my instructions to create a google apps script you will see this line

var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActive();

This tells the script to use the spreadsheet it is bound to. You do not need to put the link anywhere.

You do need the url for the google apps script for your blocks.

If you wrote the required code to post your location to your spreadsheet using the LocationService extension, the script probably will go where indicated in this graphic

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