Cloud DB problem with 908 Error

I have a Write_External_Storage has been denied, 908 Error (reported earlier) which seems to work fine on my tablet, but fails, will not execute, on my Galaxy Fold 3. When using only one tag with OrderChanged there is no error, it fails when trying with two. This approach used to work, suggestions please. Thanks a lot, Charles

See here, which should hopefully solve your 908 issue:

For your dataChanged issue, is this only a problem with a compiled app, or also with companion ?

This works OK for me in companion in Android 10

Note that I used a dummy tag/value in order to kickstart the dataChanged event (doesn't respond if cloudDB is empty or has not been written to)

The error does not occur using Companion, only with download. but works fine on my tablet.
Here is the complete test app. You seem to have identified my problem using a dummy tag/value. I really don't understand what I should or shouldn't have done. How do I do avoid this mistake? Thanks for your help. Charles

If you have set Scope to Legacy, do you still get the the 908 error when compiled ? (note, this will probably be fixed in the next release - n188)

Is your dataChanged event working now ?

Test_Chat_1107.aia (5.6 KB)


Changing Scope to Legacy worked. The 908 error disappeared! I've been using AppInv for at least 20 years and never had an occurrence to look at Scope.

Yes, the dataChanged event works fine and I Chas & Hank can now Chat with each other by TextBox. I attached the Test aia if you, or anyone else, are interested.

I don't understand whether I should 'put in/duplicate dataChange' info into GotValue or not. Seems like I should be pro-active. Thank you so very much for helping me out. Thanks Charles :+1::smiley: