Cloud DB not working

Hi Developers,
I am facing an issue with cloud db. I have tried to make an app so that if the coloud db has no tags a label will show "None" and whenever one will click global button the cloud db will store global tag and show up in the label and same for local.
But, nothing's showing......
trial.aia (3.1 KB)
Please solve the issue fast.....
Thank You!

Not quite sure what you are trying to achieve, but perhaps this?

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I am showing your blocks and CloudDB attributes for the benefit of the board.
(I renamed the two buttons for clarity):

From your blocks, it looks like you wanted to store a single attribute with values Global or Local, but did not think of using a single tag named "Environment" for the chosen value (Global/Local).

Did I guess right?

I want any value but these tags only.
So what to do?