Cloud DB not supporting text of other languages rather than English

Hello all ....
I was building a translator app with History of translated text feature, here I used cloud db to save the entered text as the tag and the translated text as the value ... But when I enter a English word and translate it to other language the tag shows up correctly as I have entered but the translated text does not show correctly .... As they were the words of the same meaning in another language ...(value) ...

How to fix this issue if we can't fix this issue what are the alternatives ... For the same need

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Store the English version of the From word in CloudDB along with From and To languages.
Upon retrieving data from the Cloud DB, translate the english word to the From language, and the translated From word to the required To language.

Hence, your history stands completed.

Have you tried TinyDB?

No ........ I haven't used tiny db

Lemme try and reply
Thank you