Cloud DB is not saving any info

Im self taught app inventor user. i have created an app for our farm. one of the things it does is it helps keep record of bale counts ( we grow and bale alfalfa) so one part of it is record keeping. I was using tinydb and it was working perfect however i wanted the information to be shared to everyone that had the app downloaded and thats when i learned about cloud db. I am pretty sure i have the blocks built correctly however when testing the app its not storing the data i enter. i click save and then when i go to view the info entered its not there im not sure what im missing or not doing right. i dont know if its in the properties of cloud db (i left all those as is cuz i have no idea what to do) please help

here are the blocks i currently have built first picture was not correct

Can you send aia file?

Your blocks image is unreadable. Right click on the blocks editor, and save blocks as image.


here is a better view of my blocks. Im sure i did it the hardest way possible but like i said im self taught and still dont understand everything. I just dont understand why after i enter infomation such as date, stack yard, and bale count and i press save cloud db does not store the information so i am unable to retrieve it. any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

From what I can see you are not updating your variables from cloudDB correctly (or your cloudDB from your variables) and therefore you appear to only be working with your global variables in your app....

Your workflow should be something like this:

On Initialise
Set your global variable list to the "value" returned from cloudDB

On update of your global variable
Store the new global variable content to the cloudDB tag
(if necessary) set your global variable to the value returned from cloudDB

In this way you can keep your global variable synchronised with the tag value on cloudDB

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

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