Cloud DB errors:1) WrongPass invalid user-password pair disable CloudDB, re-start to enable . 2)System Error getting tag . App for car location with GPS

Hi! I am getting crazy with some APP I am trying to "adapt", one for a car location with GPS, but instead of using TinyDB using CloudDB for some people being able to use it at the same time.

Some of the blocks I use seems to work fine but I don't know why I can't store and address in the cloudDB. During the initialization process it can not read any data that were stored (maybe they dinddn't), it says:
"WrongPass invalid user-password pair disable ...", and then another: "System error getting tag "XX".
I thik the Got.Value block is wrong.
Please, can anyone help me??

Try setting each of your valueIfTagNotThere values to "0" (zero number). There is no length/value otherwise when you test later.

Should there be an else socket in your if statement here?


otherwise the text will always be set to "No se cual...."

Thank you very much for your quick response!!!