Cloud db error no such file or directory

I created a simple application to record an audio and then store it in clouddb in base64.

until some time ago I was able to retrieve the content from the clouddb.

Now when I launch the command to recall the saved audio I get the following message: cloud db error: no such file or directory

While I correctly retrieve the value of numeric or textual tags.

You can no longer save a file in the root dir or an arbitrary folder of the external storage (on Android 11+).

Save it in one of the Shared folders.

See also here:

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When ?
What has happened since? New phone, new android version?
Did you check that a sound file is created ?
Have you tried encoding to base64 then uploading to cloudDB (you may need to decode when you download the recording) ?


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3 months ago.

I use the "Download" folder and the file is created both in mp3 format and in
wav format.

on clouddb the record is present in base64. I attach image

Thanks for the link, I had already studied it.

Saving the file locally in the "Download" folder is successful.

Saving to clouddb is successful.

When I get the record from the clouddb I get the error. I attach image.

Really - how do you do that ?
What size are the mp3/wav files? (Shouldn't make any difference other than the time taken to upload/download)

Good to see you are running your own redis server :slight_smile:

When I get a chance, I will run a test on my cloudDB, see if I get the same problem...

No, as I said, the format is always 3gp (regardless of the chosen extension, wav, mp3, ...).

Yes you are right.

I have now replaced with this extension: GitHub - G10DRAS/WavSoundRecorderExtension: Wav Sound Recorder Extension for App Inventor 2

The file is successfully saved locally and in clouddb.

But in the recovery I get error.

WAVSoundRecorder_copia (1).aia (286.5 KB)

Looking at your blocks, you probably need to simplify to test the functionality.

Make a test app where all you do is upload and download a sound file.

Does that work ?

If so, the issue lies in your blocks construction.

Progress - of sorts...
I have just run a test on my redis server and get the same error!

Now to test a few other things...


Tested with an image, this also fails.
Tested using the MIT cloudDB server, this also fails

Could be an issue with the MIT CloudDB code - @jis

I previously suggested a workaround of converting the file to base64 before uploading, using @Juan_Antonio 's KIO4_Base64 extension
This works, so it is not string size causing the problem

Thanks for your tests.

I have simplified the application.
I have read the extension documentation.

I am doing something wrong in transforming the audio into a string. It generates me an empty string.
Thanks for the support. What am I doing wrong?

WAVSoundCLOUD (2).aia (60.2 KB)

Where is this:


note the advice provided by @Anke here

Try this:

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SHARED FOLDER: ovvero cartella "Download"

I believe you will need Filescope set to Legacy for this to work (saving to Download)

If using KIO_Base64 you will need to remove /storage/emulated/0 from your global sound file path when getting the file to convert to base64 string


should be just: /Download/REV.wav

you can use the replacement block


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Thank you @Anke @TIMAI2 .
With the FILEY extension, no problem.

The @TIMAI2 solution also works by correcting the path.

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