Close the buttons below the phone

No, we are on the computer, but there are two of us, one is me and one is my brother

I see. But you cannot talk about another topic in this topic. We are in this topic, so let's concentrate on one problem at a time. This is considered spam in a topic, let's focus on the right track.

All questions are urgent - we will solve them, but please be patient.


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I don't think this is achievable with MIT App Inventor. However, I found a Stack Overflow answer to this in Java - extension developers can try it.

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Honestly, I do not know Java

If there is no physical navbar:



I'm sorry, but it's not like that

Thanks @Anke.

@app_inventor3 , we're not talking about that extension. Use Taifun Tools by @Taifun.

However, I'm worrying:

  1. It does hide the virtual navigation bar, but at the same time it hid the status bar,

  2. Not all navigation bars are virtual - some are actual buttons.

Pixel 2 XL (Android 11) & Pixel 4 XL (Android 12) with no physical navbar:


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@app_inventor3 Which device & Android version?


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Sorry I got an error for this plugin

‪MIT App Inventor - Google Chrome‬ 1_14_2022 3_50_00 PM

This is the wrong extension.
The correct one can be found at

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I also downloaded the same link from here
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? :pray: :pray: :thinking: :thinking:

Do not post a direct link to an extension that is not your own.


okay........ :pray: :pray:goodbye

Thanks for the link.

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@Anke I wanted to know that how you add this annotation in image means highlighting it with this fantastic coloured highlighter