"close screen with value" and "OtherScreenClosed"

Hello, my name is Ruhan and I am a beginner and I was trying to make a password app but I had a problem with "screen"s where I closed the screen but it didn't run "when ScreenPassword.OtherScreenClosed". Can anyone help me so that my program could CLOSE "Change_Screen" and OPEN "Screen_Password"?

Also, ignore "원래 비밀번호가 틀립니다"

are these 2 event on same screen?
and if you are storing password in tinydb, there is no need to use startValue.

the value you like to store is result

however what about storing the password in TinyDB already in the other screen?
then just close the screen without passing the result...


Thank you really much, I finished my app!

Also, the events were on different screens. The problem was that I needed to replace "get start value" with result.

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