Close screen visited website

Hello all,

First of al i'm new here for a second time, 10 years ago i was here for the first time! :blush:

I was making a app (android) whos has to connect with my website, its done, but the problem!?

On my router i can see prog make connection and come in, but when i close on the phone the screen whois visit my website, i cant see if the connection with my website is closed,

question:how to close my website page afther closing my phone page?

Thanks on forhand! :relaxed:

Show us your blocks

Just change the home url of WebView to and when you want to close the WebView just do the code for the homeurl

It may be better to set the webviewer url to an empty text block....

Ok, thanks for your reply, yes i also thought that! :relaxed:

Ok, thanks for your reply, but i dont understand "and when you want to close the WebView just do the code for the homeurl"?

Thanks for your reply, but you cant seen it in the blocks? mabay i ask it a wrong way?

The question?

When i close webview, is the conection with a website realy closed and exit from the server?

Normaly when i go out a website/page i click the cros X to go out

Yes, the website will be closed

What have you tried so far?

Thank you Faraz, thit answers my question! :relaxed:


But i have my answer told by Faraz_Firoz, screen closed and disconnect from server! thnx for your reply!