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I'm using an Exit button, a control block (when click) and close application. This always appears to work, the App vanishes off the screen, but the App is still in recent Apps(overview) so I guess still running. Am I using the wrong command?

All android apps do this. Android holds "closed" apps in its recent cache, in case they are recalled within a few minutes or so. After that the app will be completely closed.

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How long are we calling a few minutes?

Sorry, probably not about time, but about memory

Actually, the app stays dormant until the Android requires more memory. This is a quirk of Android apps. You can shut an app down immediately by following this advice:

It is not possible to do this with code.

So basically keep doing what I do there is no short cut for this one, Thanks guys.

Here is a new extension for that:



Thanks I will try that, I hadn't seen it before

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You couldn't do that either, the extension was just created. :wink:


Brilliant, I touch Exit it vanishes and I don't have to go into recent app because it is gone
Thanks again


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