Clone a NFC card to simulate it on phone

i want to "simulate" a NFC card from my phone. So I thought I need to make an App for that.
The problem is: I don't know how send data to a NFC reader...
Thank you in advance !

Sorry for my English, I'm french and I have did my best to traduce :pleading_face:

This is what the community knows about NFC cards Search results for 'NFC' - MIT App Inventor Community

A google search

Perhaps something here will help send data to a nfc reader - Google Search

From what I read you can use the NearField component for this. Never used it before, so good luck.

If You want that your phone simulate an NFC Card, is the card reader that have to do job not the phone.
For example I use the ACR122U to read card, I tried this free tool: NFC Tools - PC / MAC
After enable NFC on the phone when I approach the phone to the card reader I have this:

As You can see the phone already has an UID like a NFC Card.
This is the first step, I don't know if it is enough or You also need to write or read information in the memory phone like a card, but I don't have experience about this.


Hi everyone,
I wanted to know if you finally found a way to clone a NFC card with your phone. I have searched for a solution to it a lot but without any real success.
Thank you