Clock timer count down difference

I want to make an simple count down effect .

I have two clock

one set timer interval to 10000

one set timer interval to 1000

when button clicked

two timer enable and then started to count down and print the number on text

But I always couldnt count it down to 0.

why is that ? is it possible to avoid the time difference?

Thank you in advance.

Try this (I didn't use two clocks - is that important?)

blocks (21)


Which timer is set to 10000 and which to 1000? What is the purpose or what should be achieved?

I guess I am just stuck in somewhere.

Originally I am making a timer to a 10 seconds small game. Then I want to add effect to it, so I add another 1 second clock......I will change to one clock!Thank you

Now I see one clock is OK.
Thank you so much !

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