Clock and textbox and button

I just don't understand anything, can you help?

When screen initialize 10 buttons automatically created. When any button click I check whether this button was created with above procedure. Then I create a list with all button components and a list with all buttons components except the one I clicked. All buttons in that list (disabled) are disabled. I set the text in textbox to join previous text plus the one the one that I set in letters list - for example if I press button3 C is added to textbox and if I press button 10 K is added. Then I set clock's interval to also choose from a list and set timer to true. When clock timer I enable again all buttons

What if you add bluetooth send text in the procedure maybe like this ?

thanks, but it's not that, for example, I press the first button and the textbox the symbol "a" appears, I press the second button, the symbol "b" appears, I press the third button, the symbol "c" appears and then I press send. Then the application acts like this. The first character "a" is sent "and a delay of 1 seconds, then a 2 character" b "a delay of 3 seconds, then a third character" c "a delay of 5 seconds everything after pressing the send button and everything is sent in order with its delay

If you wish you can post here or pm me your aia to see it

This (very simplified version) should do it:

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This problem is similar in its timing to sending Morse code, except you are sending letters instead of sounding tones.

See here for how to use lists to feed a Clock Timer...