Clipboard like function possible?

Hi Folks,
I need a function or code that would allow me to move out of an (MIT App Inventor created) App, say App1, capture an image in another app2, get back to App1 and paste it as an image that can be saved as an image file.
Can someone suggest a way to do this? I tried a Pura Vida Taifun screenshot extension but it only captures from the SAME screen (within the App).
Thanks, in advance.
Wg Cdr Lavanian MD (Retd)

I don't see how that can be done with standard App Inventor components, since App Inventor doesn't have the ability to work in the background. But there's an interesting extension that allows to show components outside the app, May be you can create an almost invisible component, display it outside the app and capture the screen there. You will need to request for DrawOverlay permission in your app (the block is also provided in the extension).

Possibly you could implement something satisfactory using this extension:!msg/mitappinventortest/L6B-8ea9gw4/hwNyBxstDQAJ

Thank you, for the reply. What's Kodular and does an AIX written for Kodular work in MIT App Inventor?

Thank you. Looks complex, will try it if some thing simpler does not turn up.

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The extension I linked, should work in App Inventor. It is not exclusive to Kodular I think. Most extensions are compatible with any distro of App Inventor.
Kodular is a commercial distribution of App Inventor.
App Inventor and Kodular are not 100% compatible. So it is not recommended to migrate apps in between them unless those apps are very basic and use basic components present on both platforms.

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