Clients contact me by whatsapp

Hello friends and I watched many tutorials on whuassap and create send etc ... I DON'T WANT THAT! I want to make a store so that customers can send me whatsapp to my number and I do not see that tutorial on how to implement in my store a direct access button of whatsapp to my number for customers, thank you ..

Hola amigos e mirado muchos tutoriales sobre whuassap y crear enviar etc.. !NO QUIERO ESO! yo quiero hacer una tienda y que los clientes me puedan enviar wuassapts a mi numero y no veo ese tutorial de como implementar en mi tienda un boton de acceso directo de whuassapt a mi numero para clientes gracias..

You are talking about WhatsApp?
There does not exist a WhatsApp API, so most probably it is not possible what you are trying to do...


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Hello friend, thanks for answering ... if I want to put a link from my app store directly to my phone, put a limk button directly to my WhatsApp phone number as if it were a link to a web, do you understand? Or how could customers contact me from my store directly to my phone?

How to start Whatsapp/send a message with Whatsapp

your customers could send you an email...


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