Clicking inside another app with xy percent

Anyone know how to make a click with x y coordinates

You can do it in a canvas, but I guess you want to be able to click anywhere on your app screen?

Inside another app ? Explain....

Im trying to make a app that opens my other app and clicks 50x 50y percent after it opens the app. I was able to Make it open now I just need xy location clicks

If it's possible let me know

What is at 50x/50y (%) e.g the centre, of your other app ?

Very simple thing that i don't know if mit app inventor dose.

I need to be able to send clicks to the screen using xy % coordinates.

Why ? What are these clicks doing ?

Tasks clearly it can't be done

You give up too easily :wink:

If you explain exactly what it is you are trying to achieve (tasks ?) then perhaps we can find a solution...

Looks like it is possible, but an extension would be needed...