Clickable Count-Box

Hi, I was wondering is there any native component available in MIT App Inventor which can be used to increase/ decrease the count by clicking up or down arrow like the one shown in example below?
Clickable Count Increase Decrease Example

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Two buttons and a label are required, and a few blocks to make it work

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Yeah, but is there anything in MIT App Inventor like a time-picker or something?
Actually, I have to show 5 of these counters and I have not much space left on screen for showing 3 components in a small space for five times. As last resort, I would do it with buttons and label.

This app is in the developmental phase and layout might not make a sense now but, I have to show these counters in last column named 'Set Alarm Before'. The input will be treated as minutes and the user will be alarmed on ['End Time'-'Set Alarm Before'] AM/PM.



the two buttons and the label are inside a vertical arrangement, so you can hide/show this as you please.

Thanks @TIMAI2 , for detailed instructions.

Can you share the .aia of this code?

I did it in another project, now deleted from that project!

That is it really, just some formatting of the buttons and label.

There are two hidden labels (4&5) set to HTMLFormat to provide the arrows, but you can use images if you prefer...

Alright, great👍

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