Click or Touch Effect in Appinventor

I am using Listener extenstion to make any component click able.
Now I want to add a click effect. It is somthing like when we click on a button. Can any one help me on this?

What do you mean? Calling click from blocks??

i think he means touch animation like when we click a button we see a small click animation

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I was replying to you and on that moment I got an idea. I used that thing and it works. Thank you for response :blush: My problem solved

Yes. You are right.
Now I know how to do that.

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Sorry for everything. This topic is reopened, because the solution provided is not optimal (in my opinion) because it uses an extension phase (flash) and replaces the background with KevinkunEnhance according to this video. The desired effect is like pressing a button (Button1) Anyone want to help us?