Click on full screen and back: video stops

hi, please I have an issue here when screen 1 initialize the video appear as the image but when I clicked on full screen and back the video stopped and didn't work again, and when I clicked on the link above into doing anything so this is my blocked and I also checked to follow links please I need help (I also use customer web viewer extension )

Hello Nancy

I modified your Topic Title so that it would get a response from people with experience in streaming videos.

  1. Use the custom Web View extension or the standard Web View component, but not both for the same task.

  2. Require a button or screen tap to run the video so that it is in a separate Block or Procedure. By launching the video via the Screen Initialize Block, you remove the opportunity to refresh the video display.

For future screenshots of your Blocks, please do this:

Right-mouse in the Blocks work area and select "Download Blocks as image"