Clearing listview

I have a listview and afterpicking selection goes to another screen but if I press cancel button that will set arrangementscreen1 visible then every time I come back to my listview arrangementscreen, the content becomes double and double and double. Existing data is still there and then another same data is inserted, so every time it always add’s the same data to list

How can I set listview to reset if nothing is selected and pressed cancel button

set the listview elements to “create empty list” block

Thanks but I have tried that, didn’t work

this is how “konttori” arrangement blocks looks…all other arrangements has similar blocks but different values

Try this:

So like this:?


No, set the variable konttori to create empty list, otherwise you will add the contents of global table to what is already there (in kontorri). This is what is causing the doubling up.

Thanks, this works


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