Cleaning up IF THEN statements

Is this a valid way to do this - or is there a neater way to accomplish what I am looking for using if elseif else blocks?

Possibly depends on what is in the lists west1/west2/east1/east2

You can do this with a lookup table or dictionary of colors by route names, and a set of timetables (stop name, time) by route name, loaded by file (route name) from Media as csv tables.
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Do you have a sample timetable for us?

Also, how small is your town that you only start buses at the start of the hour?

Your time math needs some work.

It could be simplified if you kept your timetables as a table with columns:

  • route name
  • stop name
  • arrival/departure time expressed in minutes past midnight (for easy subtraction) (reformat into hhmm for schedule displays)

We only run two routes, an east and west, and they have two buses on them that make a 45 minute loop, giving a small break and some leeway for running behind. We are Frankfort, KY - not a massive town. Public Transit is small here - most own and wish to drive cars - so we service mostly low income/homeless/dis-located people.

Thanks for the time tip - I will try that a couple of times. My current math only proves correct and 1/3 of the time..... It is definitely a work in progress :).

Defining the scale of your app was very helpful.

I am from a suburb of New York City, which has its own public transport challenges during the Year of the FacePalm.

The list is a csv with stops in the order they are traveled and the minutes past the hour they are scheduled to pass through them.

FT50 45
FT55 46
FT172 48
FT59 49
FT178 49
FT73 51
FT72 51
FT71 51
FT70 51
FT69 52
FT67 52
FT74 53
FT75 54
FT76 54
FT182 54
FT77 55
FT78 55
FT79 57
FT181 57
FT81 58
FT175 59
FT82 59
FT174 0
FT95 2
FT94 2
FT93 2
FT92 2
FT177 2
FT83 3
FT84 4
FT85 5
FT86 6
FT88 7
FT151 8
FT87 8
FT89 9
FT90 11
FT169 13
FT28 18
FT29 18
FT26 18
FT25 18
FT152 19
FT27 19
FT17 19
FT13 20
FT2 23
FT3 23
FT5 23
FT9 23
FT18 24
FT165 24
FT139 24
FT38 25
FT40 25
FT41 25
FT42 26
FT43 27
FT66 28
FT65 28
FT64 29
FT63 29
FT61 31
FT58 31
FT57 32
FT54 33
FT53 33
FT51 34
FT50 35