Classifier App Inventor

Hallo Community,
I am trying to train an image AI with a total of min. 350 images. It should have 7 categories. So it should be 50 images per category. I first added all 50 images per category but then the training did not seem to do anything. So I tried with just 10 images per category and the training did work. But the Classifier did not do anything when I added the remaining 40 images per category under examples. So I started with the 10 images and added only 14 images per category under examples and the Classifier did work and got me to the Results page. So my question is: Can the image Classifier train only a limited number of images or might it be that the tool gets stuck because the CPU I got is not very powerful?

Your question might be answered in one of these Personal Image Classifier discussions. In this collection users of PIC share their experiences.

You might get better results if your images are small files. :slight_smile: (kb in size, not MB)

Hallo SteveJG,

thank you very much. I will try both.