Circular checkbox

hi all is there any way by which i can change the shape of the checkbox from square to circular

  1. You could use a radiobutton extension.
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  2. Or use a canvas with some ball sprites.


Thanks @peter for your help :grinning:

Instead of using a Classic Theme, use a Device Default Theme. The Classic CheckBox is always square; the display using Device Default is usually circular.

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Thanks :blush: @SteveJG i will try that

thanks @steveJG it worked just had a small question do all devices have circular checkbox or its depending on android version

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The appearance displayed is dependent on the Android version. Android 4 is square. I think Android 5+ is circular. I know in Android 8.1 the CheckBox is circular. :slight_smile: using Companion but not when the apk is created (it is a box).

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thanks for the information :relaxed:

Yes, the DeviceDefault theme should give a round CheckBox. But it only works with Companion, after installing the APK it is square. The same thing happens with buttons, in Companion they are rounded, in APKs they are rectangular.

oh sad to hear that if this happens , any solution to that ?

Compile a simple apk and check it on your device. Notify about the results.

ya sure give my 5 minutes

Maybe this problem only affects Samsung, but I don't think so.

I just tested in samsung note 10 lite android 11 , so the results are

same result

does any one know why this is happening

Once upon a time I tried to get information from @ewpatton why in the case of theme DeviceDefault the application view is different in Companion and in APK but I got no answer.

i will ask sir about this issue in office hour 3 session

You can use a button and two graphics. Replace the button graphic after clicking.

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i asked this question for my appathon project and as the judges will be testing my app on companion so my problem is solved

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