Circular and Linear progress in Companion

When attempting to use Circular or Linear progress in Companion, a white screen appears with a grey bar at the top. It says "Linear bar not found". When downloading an app normally, it works completely well.

Have you upgraded your companion to version 2.70? These components are new in the latest release and it requires that you use the latest companion.

I will try

Now the app is working normally but the linear progress bar always shows as full and changing its colour does not work. However, it works fine once the app is downloaded.

This may depend on your app's theme. In particular, the views do not work well in the Classic theme. If you're using Classic, you may want to switch to Device Default to get a better experience.

I was using Device default, I almost never use classic

Can someone mark this as a bug? (If it is a bug)

First, provide an example aia project that demonstrates this problem as repeatable.

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ProggresBar_Test.aia (2.2 KB)
Here it is. What should I do now? @TIMAI2

A few people need to look at this, including MIT. If confirmed bug, then MIT will likely raise an issue on github.

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Sample progress bar run

Looks okay here.
Companion on MemuPlay.

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For me it is the same with AI Companion...the whole bar is completed and blue from the beginning.

Companion 2.70. Android 14 (Samsung S22).

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Working as expected/intended for me with Companion 2.70 on Google Pixel 4a Android 13 (real device)


Also works as expected on Companion (v2.70) on Android 13/MIUI 14.

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Here's a video if someone needs it.

What make/model and Android version is this on?

Android 14, Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

So at least based on some of the responses here it may be a Samsung-specific issue.

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or Android 14 ?

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