Chromebook issue with buttons

If I test my app(s) using the chromebook method, I get usually one opportunity to use(press) a button, drop downs, check etc before the whole thing does nothing. I can still enter text in text boxes, but usually nothing else will work. I can enter into time date pickers, but no command buttons work.
Any ideas?

I will try to update the emulator

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You don't need an emulator on a chromebook. If your chromebook supports the use of Android apps you can install the companion app on your chromebook and use that.


This is the first that I have heard a report of this. Does it happen with very simple apps or only your app? Can you attach an app to the post that exhibits the problem on your machine so we can run some tests?

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ProMan2.aia (87.4 KB)

This is the first app I have experienced it with. I thought maybe my excessive use of arrangements, as a few things seem to be going haywire. I'd drop a control into a spot, and it would disappear into another arrangement completely. I am contemplating going back to try and eliminate some by a full redesign before I get too much farther in the project.
ANyway, I have attached the .aia, I think that's what you need.
I am going to go through some other projects to see if it is an isolated phenomenon.
Thanks for looking into it.


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