Chromebook - Can we use MIT App Inventor?

Hello! My 10 year old son is very interested to use the MIT App Inventor, but we are at the very beginning of learning and I’m not much help because I don’t understand this stuff. My son has a Chromebook which runs on a Chrome Operating System. Is he able to use the MIT App Inventor or are we at a roadblock before we even start? Please advise on what this means to us (keeping in mind we're very much beginners), thank you! He is very excited and I surely appreciate your advice/help.


I do not have a Chromebook and wish I could provide specific advice; the following may help.

Perhaps. The way I understand it, you cannot use the emulator. However you should be able to use the Companion for live development if the Chromebook will allow it and you have an Android phone or tablet. See the second post in App Inventor Setup Software installation for Chromebook

also Chromebooks vs Emulator

If you can download Companion and follow the advice for live development here, you should be OK

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Also see

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Thank you so much for your time & guidance!

Thank you - we'll start looking through all this!