Blank (gray) screen when connecting to

I have several students who get a blank screen when they access using Chrome on Chromebooks.
I started about 2 weeks ago. I am not able to reproduce this on desktop or laptop computers.

The page appears to load, but nothing is displayed.
Things I've tried:
Clearing browsing all data
Restarting the Chromebook
Updating Chrome
Forcing re-login (via is whitelisted
There are no error messages on the Chrome console, but there is Javascript and html source on the page
they get the gray screen at too

Any ideas?

Here are some blind guesses ...

  • Script blocker browser add-ons
  • Ad blockers
  • anti-virus web guard
  • Failure to notice an AI2 scroll bar on a large popup pane blocking access to the main site
  • pop up blocker settings
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I don't have a solution but there might be a similar issue discussed in this haystack of forum chromebook discussions .

You might look through these discussions while waiting for others provide you with possibilities.

App Inventor is a web app, so that might have something to do with your issue.

Chromebooks do work with app inventor (at least some of them). See this recent post Chromebook - Can we use MIT App Inventor? . Some chromebook versions evidently have issues w.r.t. App Inventor.

This turned out to be an iBoss proxy blocking something. Everything started working when we routed traffic to and around it.

Thanks for your input!


If you temporarily turn the proxy back on and let us know what error messages you see under "More Tools" > "Developer Tools" we might be able to figure out what is triggering it on the App Inventor side.