🎄 Christmas Challenge and Merry Christmas!

There are 14 days left for Christmas. 2 weeks of time, and are you excited?

I would like everyone to brainstorm some projects related to App Inventor and Christmas/New Year. It can be an app, a game, an extensions whatever. No limitations, use your creativity.

This activity aims to bring the community together and end 2022 with a peaceful ending. We've seen users climbing up trust levels, so many crazy contributions, and a great year. Let's take a deep breath, rethink what we have done, and how we can make the next year better (make more contributions and extensions I guess).

Feel free to share your projects here. :slight_smile:

Frohe Weihnachten und gute Rutsch, meine Freunde! Merry Christmas and happy new year, my friends!

Best regards,



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Best regards,


Now it's finally here.

Merry Christmas everyone!