Choose More Than 1 Option in Spinner

How to choose more than one option in a spinner?

You cannot. Use CheckBoxes instead.

Checkboxes or switches

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Switches only allow you to toggle between two values (0 and 1). Why use them, when OP wants to allow the user to pick more than one option at a time?

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I meant multiple Checkboxes or switches

This explains whether to use checkboxes or switches.

  1. If all of your options are switches, do not include a 'Save edit' button.

  2. If some of your options are switches and some are checkboxes, only include a 'Save' button for checkboxes.

  3. If ALL of your options are checkboxes, include a 'Save' button.

You should not include a 'Save' button to save the status of switches, because switches are toggle buttons.

As @NishyanthKumar said, you cannot choose multiple selections from a spinner. It is intended to choose only 1 option. Use checkboxes or switches instead, depending on your needs and requirements listed above.

However, do not use radio buttons - there can be only 1 option selected in a list of radio buttons.


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